Choose Your Solutions for the Treadmill Choices

Choose Your Solutions for the Treadmill Choices

Generally expressed as a percentage, the incline of a treadmill will allow you to vary your training programs by simulating uphill courses. Note that there are some models with the declining running surface. Models with declination are rare. You will find treadmills available brands and only on high-end treadmills.

The running surface

Primarily, the running surface will determine the comfort of your training. The larger is the user, the greater the length and width of the mat.

If you want to train frequently, choose a treadmill with a large running surface as well. Thus, you will not be embarrassed when you make long strides.

Generally with a dimension of 40x140cm, the running surface can measure up to 50×150 cm for models with an XXL running surface. You can go for the there.


The main limitation of running outdoors is often the impact it can cause on the joints. It is precisely to alleviate this constraint that the treadmills are equipped with a damping system aimed at reducing joint trauma.

  • So, for occasional use for fitness or rehabilitation, opt for flexible cushioning that will give you a real feeling of floating.
  • For more regular use, firmer cushioning will give your stride more bounce.


More or less sophisticated, the console will allow you to directly control your training programs on your treadmill. All these programs will provide you with basic indications such as the duration, the distance traveled or the number of calories burned but the most intense, will also help you to target very precisely certain muscle groups for a complete work (combination speed / incline). What to stay motivated session after session to achieve your weight loss goals among others.

Why choose a connected treadmill?

More and more treadmills are connected. What is a connected treadmill? These are rugs with a connected console. The console is connected either by Wifi or Bluetooth (the most common being with Bluetooth connection). Many brands offer dedicated applications. You will therefore be able to download the application on your Smartphone (or tablet) and connect to your fitness device. Note that the majority of these applications require a paid subscription. Let’s take a closer look at these apps.

Which treadmill to choose

BH Fitness stands out with its TFT technology. These are TFT screens with WiFi connection on which you can surf the web, watch your favorite videos on Youtube or browse social networks. TFT technology is therefore mainly used for entertainment during training. It does not allow you to take advantage of the BH by Kinomap application. To take advantage of this application, you will have to opt for a console with i Concept (Bluetooth connection).Other equipment generally completes the set: MP3 connection, fan or tablet support. It’s up to you to choose a treadmill according to your geek side.